Client: African Union
When: 2015

ALINE was contracted by the African Union DREA division to undertake an evaluative assessment on the “Drivers of Success” of seven country reports and a synthesis across seven country case studies of Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone and Tanzania. 

The studies examine the proximal drivers of success, efforts to build public management capacity for policy development and implementation and the political factors that have contributed to agricultural growth. Study results were presented to the African Union and the UK All-Party Parliament Group on Agriculture and Food for Development shaping the AU’s commitments to Africa’s Accelerated Agricultural Growth and Transformation Goals 2025. The materials were submitted to African Heads of State (HOS) and recommendations were adopted and endorsed by HOS in their 2014 Malabo Declaration and Year for African Agriculture. 

The recommendations have led in part to country Transformation Strategies being developed through a renewal of the CAADP goals of a 6% growth derived from Agriculture thorough a 10% budgetary investment by government and using Agriculture as the driving sector in a number of economies and ensuring internal commitments to financing agriculture through productivity enhancements, crowding in private sector and developing sustainable subsistence and commercial agriculture farming and business models to drive economic development.

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